Game rules


the game


Simply put, we will enter a group of people (2-5) inside the room and closing the door behind them. At first glance, the place will look like just a regular room. But in fact designed environment intelligently where Almahbuson needs to open their eyes as much as possible and begin to combine their wits to discover the many hidden objects and symbols, keys, riddles and clues that will help them the ultimate goal prepared them complete: escape from the room within 60 minutes




Secret Rooms


All rooms have shared in the target and the level of excitement, but very different in terms of story and puzzles and secrets.


With respect to the size of the rooms - we want to maintain confidentiality - but not rooms very small or very large. People, who suffer from a phobia tight places they can practice playing smoothly and without any problems, but we can certainly help immediately in case of any emergency, God forbid.




Number of team members


The secret rooms are allowed to a team of 2-5 people enjoy their own design. We based this on the story and the number of puzzles that need to be resolved within 60 minutes.


Age limit


The minimum age of players is 15 years. May allow greater than 10 years of playing only in the case of the presence of adults in the same team for children. The main reason for the establishment of a minimum is the quantity and quality of the complexity involved in the game.


The language used


The game does not rely heavily on reading or writing. However, we used both Arabic and English when required. Players can use their preferred language. Also, all our employees have the ability to speak English and Arabic fluently.