General information




When it's the big time and are planning to come to a secret room with your friends or your family or your colleagues, hope you arrive before the deadline you shortly. Due to limited places we have to wait. On the other hand, the latter difference may cause delays to other teams and disruption to the schedule as a whole! We hope everyone of tax farming time and appreciate your understanding of this care.

The actual time of the game 60 minutes. But before that, we need a few minutes before each appointment to give the rules of the game.


the prices


Variable prices depending on the number of individuals within the same team.

Off-peak times:

2 × 150 = 300 SAR per reservation

3 × 125 = 375 SAR per reservation

4 × 110 = 440 Saudi riyals for each booking

5 × 100 = 500 SAR per reservation

Applied to the price of off-peak times on Sunday and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

rush hours:

2 × 175 = 300 SAR per reservation

3 × 150 = 450 SAR per reservation

4 × 125 = 500 SAR per reservation

5 × 110 = 550 SAR per reservation

Applied to the price peak on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays Times.




Book online: If you're interested in just one game, please use our online reservation system. If you would like to bring more friends and would like to book several rooms at the same time, please go to our booking system and search for available times and matched the rooms. You will see a difference 15 minutes, please booking rooms with the same name and we'll match you to the table so that the difference begins and ends at the same time.


Booking through the advent of the center: you can also to book in through our visit at the center will be one of our employees to our attention.